Branding day and evening conference

  • Client

    Imperial Tobacco Japan
  • Agency

    Eggworm Tokyo
  • Role

    Lead Designer
  • Timeline

    Oct-Nov 2017

For Imperial Tobacco Japan (ITJ)’s year-end conference, we were tasked to come up with a slogan+logo as well as to brand their conference from the ground up.

ITJ holds annual year-end conference as an opportunity to connect with and say thank you to the staff of ITJ across the country, to let them know they appreciate them as an important part of the team and that it is their hard work which keeps ITJ moving in the right direction.

The conference will have two different looks for day and evening. Day will focus on people, success, and excitement, while evening will focus on future, which can be expressed as a dream.

Hard work turns dreams of diamonds into a future clear as crystal.

ITJ came up with the slogan 『夢は努力の結晶未来へのダイヤ』 which means that the crystallization of one's efforts will become the diamond of the future.

Day- Roll up banner

Day- Keynote

Evening- Posters

Evening- Step and repeat

Evening- Card, table tent, nametag