2019 — React App


For those who work out or have attempted to work out know how difficult it is to go to the gym consistently without anyone's support. GainsBuddy helps users find online gym buddies and share their workout routines, weight and lifting progress, and gym attendance which allows users to motivate each other. GainsBuddy also helps users find the most effective workout routines. GainsBuddy is currently in development.

2017 — Android App


Dropometer is smartphone-based surface tension and contact angle measuring device. After reviewing the early prototypes, I was tasked to improve the user interface and the user experience of the app. I designed the mockups with Sketch and handed it off to the devs using Zeplin. Check out the website here.

2017 — Android App


Many people have trouble managing their tasks, especially when they are overloaded with work. They usually have hard time deciding on which tasks to tackle first, which may lead to procrastination. Using Polar, users can set their personal priority list based on the type of task, as well as individual task priorities (lo, med, hi) and Polar will choose a task for you to complete using a smart algorithm. See project page here.

2015 — Android App


Ever been out with friends and couldn't decide where to eat? Forage gathers all of the restaurants near the user using the Yelp API and based on the user's preference, it displays relevant restaurants. For indecisive users, they can just let Forage choose a place for them. Forage was the first real app that I designed with a developer friend of mine.